10/08/05 : A few various additions to the site, and some stuff has been deleted or changed. Also, the 304goushitsu, hakushi no sakura images have been added to the gallery.

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:D Gallery updates
I changed the gallery layout today, because I decided to not go to school. *Lame* BUT it looks pretty smexy if you ask me. XD Also, Ren, who's also an admin at the forums, donated some scans! I have the Fool's Mate ones up now, and I'm going to get the fanclub scans up asap.

Other than that, I haven't worked much on the site. I did add the videography page a few days ago. That was a pain in my ass, though. XD I did make a few icons. Two, actually. Both of Toshiya. I don't really like the Bass one, but I think the other one is nice. ^^; I'm going to make some more today, I think. I have a few that I'm having trouble with text. I'll try to get those texted and up tonight.

20 Oct 2005 by Shannon

Thanks so much for 3500 hits, everyone! It's been a great joy knowing everyone and having seven-ugly for these past months! And I can't wait to see how much better it's going to get!

As an actual update, all of the images that I have made thumbnails for on for G.D.S in the Final 2003 5Ugly Kingdom have been put up in the gallery. I think I have around 59 more images to put up. And sorry, but ain't afraid to die hasn't been finished yet, either.

Also, the layout for the guestbook has been made, and now it jes needs to be put up by Shannon, if we're going to use it. And I got the AVERAGE Psycho DVD so I'll be able to take some big, good quality screenshots of KODOU(uncut), SAKU(uncut), mazohyst of decadance(uncut) and the uncut and unedited version of Obscure. So, look forward to those, too! XD

13 Oct 2005 by Amanda

More fun
Okie dokie, another day out of school. Today, I started putting up my screenshots from the Final 2003 5Ugly Kingdom DVD. So far, I have some of G.D.S up, and I'll try to finish that today and finish ain't afraid to die, too.

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And I'm going to start making more themes for the forum, and I'm gonna try and make a layout for the guestbook, and a banner so Shan can make our gallery less ugly as it is XD So I'll be working my butt off today I guess. Depending how stuff goes. And hopefully it goes well. I have two more hours before my brother wants to get on.

Wish me luck!
13 Oct 2005 by Amanda

woop! more!
Hey everyone! Not many things have been done today. My brother was hogging the internet so I just got on long enough to be able to make a small update.

My mom has gone on vacation, so I've all day to do some stuff. What did I do? I made a few icons. So far, until I make more, I have four Kaoru, four Die, two Kyo and three band icons. Yey! Oh, and any icon made without a text is not a base, so please do no put your own text on it and claim it as your own. Keep it as is. Thanks.

And those are the icons! Anyway, once I'm able to spend more time online, I'm going to put up some more ain't afraid to die screenshots. I really want to get those done, and sadly, it's taking longer than I expected. And that's all for now! But I'll be back with more.
12 Oct 2005 by Amanda

Archives suck. XD
All right. Never trust Shannon messing around with things. I accidently Archived all the News since the beginning. Gomen. x_x Well, the last few updates... I'll sum them up for you.

We got 50 pages of ware and 20 caps from ain't afraid to die up at our gallery. Go check them out. ^^; The ain't afraid to die screencaps are backwards; the ones uploaded are from the end of the PV. But that's okay.

Also, we added two icons. One Die, and one Kaoru.

I think that's all! I promise I won't go messing around with the archives anymore. XD At least not for a while. Someone comment! Let us know there's someone visiting. It would make us happy. XD
10 Oct 2005 by Shannon

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